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2006, April - Artea Culture launches the children festival "1, 2, 3 soleil" in partnership with the NCCA (national center of circus arts)

2000 - 2004 - setup of a 2 years paid training for 20 dancers and musicians (scholarship provided by the President of Artea Culture association)

2003 - Countrywide tour of "Dakar Cabaret Show"

2002 - Installation of a project of company of 12 dancer-stock-brokers of African traditional dance and 7 muisiciens-stock-brokers of traditional instruments, for a formation and an impact study which the classical and modern dance or another form of dance can have on the traditional African dance. Second project of formation. Stock Exchanges granted on own capital stocks.

- Training of the trade of the dance to children of the street based in Ecopole (Enda third-world)

- Member of the artistic council of the national festival of arts and culture(FESNAC), Sénégal

- Stimulating of a round table on the problems of the training in dance and the becoming of the contemporary dance in Senegal

- Member of the international council of the dance UNESCO

2001 - Creative and Co-organizing of the international festival of dance "Kaay Fecc" (come dance) inDakar, Sénégal.

2000 - Creative and choreographer of Artea Company with creation ""Le Cimetière des Masques" (The masks' cemetery)". Result of the first project of formation

- Dancer in the company ART.b Dakar directed by the quebec choreographer Michelle Rioux

1994 - Creation and artistic director of Artea Culture, place of meeting of all forms of art (Keur Jaraaf, Dakar)

- Creative of Artea School: ballet dancing, modern' jazz, modern and traditional African dance for children, teenagers and professionals

1985 - Creative and Professor of the Cholera Dance-Center of Douala, Cameroun formation Ballet dancing; Modern dance and jazz for children; Teenagers and Adults (Spectacles-Official receptions)

1984-1981 - School Studio Paris Center Dance jazz under the direction of Hurley et Rick Odums.

- Ballet dancing under the direction of M.DOBROWSKY.

- Professor of jazz and aerobics in Pau (France)

- Professor invited to several international training courses

- Responsible professor section jazz with the Academy of art choreographic Rudy Bryans in Marseille (France).

1981-1978 - Graduate of the International School of Dance Rosella Hightower of Cannes (France).

- Preparation with the scene and professorship, ballet dancing under the direction of José FERRA, Arlette CASTANIER, (dancers of the troop of the marquis of Cuevas) and of Rossella Hightower, prima ballerina.

- Dance jazz under the direction of Monica Saez.

1978-1969 - Ballet dancing in Douala under the direction of Annick LECOQ (dancer with the opera of Rennes) .

1969-1962 - Small rat with the operated of Lyon

- Ballet dancing in Lyon under the direction of the ballet master Mr.KARNESKY

- Price of excellence musical theory and song, obtaining a purse for the academy of Lyon.